Main drive

Main drive

Small wind turbines are ideal for small, mountain or island communities, small plant running off low voltage lines and integrative domestic energy supplies. In this scenario the needs to maximize the energy potential of weak winds and turbulence is substantial. 

Bonfiglioli solutions can benefit of a long-time experience in the field and can grant a complete integration of mechanical, electric and electronic components for the main drive complete system. 300 Series and HDP series can be exploited as a main generation unit. 

Brushless synchronous motors (BTD/BCR/BMD depending on the size) can be easily interfaced with the main drive granting high efficiency even at low rotation speeds. Finally, a regenerative solutions can be adopted  with an Active Front End (AEC unit) to interface with electrical grid or the application snd a Field Oriented Control Unit (ACU) to provide an active control of the current from the motor in the nacelle.

This solution is reliable, efficient and fully integrated.