Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture & Forestry

Bonfiglioli, with the broad and diversified Bonfiglioli Trasmital product range, can fully meet the specifications of agricultural and forestry machinery, and namely:

- Wheel drives for sprayerswindrowerscombine harvesterssugar cane harvestersgrapes harvesters and, feed mixers.

- Track drives for forestry machines and, sugar cane harvesters.

- Slew drives for forestry machines, and for vertical mixer feeds.

Each of these machines has its own special structural and duty characteristics, which Bonfiglioli is well aware of, thanks to over 30 years of experience in the industry working in close partnership with the leading manufacturers of agricultural and forestry machinery.

Bonfiglioli is thus able to offer a range of products perfectly tailored to meet a broad variety of drive specifications:

- Wide range of reduction ratios.

- Wheel drives unit, complete with negative multidisc brakes in two versions:

* Static, only for parking

*Dynamic, for parking and for emergency braking, operated directly by brake pedal.

A vast range of customized solutions and extensive expertise in the industry, make Bonfiglioli the ideal partner for all manufacturers of agricultural machinery.


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