Solutions for electromobility

Heavy duty vehicle manufacturers are eagerly seeking improvements in efficiency. OEMs are looking for solutions that can increase productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership for the end user.

Over the next few years we can also expect the emission regulations currently applied to the automotive industry to be extended to heavy duty vehicles too, and the strict standards involved can only be met by improving powertrain efficiency. 

Heavy duty powertrains are therefore being electrified: the hydraulic motors conventionally installed in these machines are gradually being replaced by electric motors which are intrinsically more efficient.

Bonfiglioli Trasmital began developing and producing powertrains consisting of planetary gearboxes driven by electric and hydraulic motors back in the 1980s. More recently, Bonfiglioli Mobile Solutions also began investing in the personnel, tools and technologies needed to develop electric powertrain technology. As a result, Bonfiglioli Mobile Solutions can now serve the electric powertrain market with two different but complementary offerings.

Standard products for various applications

Various products have been designed specifically for use with electric motors, and offer a wide range of performance specifications and deliverable torque ratings.

The latest products include a series of planetary drives for electric material handling vehicles and planetary drives with integrated electric motors for hybrid agricultural machines. 

These solutions have been shown to deliver numerous benefits in terms of machine manoeuvrabilityreliability, operating costs and sustainability, thanks to low emissions and low working noise levels.

Custom solutions

Wherever a custom solution is required, manufacturers benefit from Bonfiglioli’s vast technical expertise.

Bonfiglioli works closely with powertrain designers and component suppliers to develop innovative, tailored solutions.

Bonfiglioli can draw on years of experience in powertrain design for light and medium duty vehicles, and the concepts and technologies involved are likely to be scaled up to heavy duty applications over the medium term.