Sugar Cane Mill Plants

Sugar Cane Mill Plants

Sugar cane is a raw material that can be transformed into many end products: sugar, alcohol for alcoholic beverages, ethanol for fuel, alcohol for industrial and antiseptic uses, paper pulp, solid pellet fuels for domestic stoves, organic fertilizer (compost) for agriculture, and thermal and electric energy for in-process use and grid supply.
Sugar cane biomass is a renewable source of ethanol and pellet fuel, thermal and electric energy.

Bonfiglioli has developed special solutions for various phases in sugar cane transformation, from the handling of incoming raw cane through to processing and the movement of end products and waste.
Bonfiglioli supplies special, large size gearmotors specifically for these applications.

The sugar processing industry demands very high productivity, with plant stoppages reduced to a bare minimum.
Bonfiglioli solutions are superbly reliable and can even be supported by dedicated maintenance schemes to ensure maximum operativity.

Sugar Cane Mill Plants - Applications