Thousands of different types of packaging are used throughout industry and packaging machines vary dramatically in type and functionality. Performance requirements differ widely but Bonfiglioli is able to satisfy them all, from high overload specifications (150% to 200%) to parallel control for multiple motors, from high breakaway torque to continuous low speed functioning, and from synchronisation to controlled braking.

Particularly compact solutions are needed for many kinds of packaging machine, and Bonfiglioli products satisfy this need in full thanks to their reduced dimensions, flexibility and easy integration.
Reliability even under extreme load conditions, of course, is another characteristic that makes Bonfiglioli products particularly popular in the packaging sector.

Bonfiglioli solutions for the packaging industry are designed to avoid even the shortest production cycle stoppages.
Our solutions satisfy even the strictest performance specifications imposed by customers and guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and energy saving.
In terms of performance too, Bonfiglioli can guarantee high output, speed and efficiency from the production cycle.