Industrial Applications

Bonfiglioli’s success stems from its ability to find valid solutions to the needs of many different areas of industry. In the field of power transmission, Bonfiglioli’s know-how produces integrated solutions for numerous industrial applications.
The vast number of applications served by Bonfiglioli include, by way of example: extruders, turntables, feedscrews, palletizers, lifting equipment, dosing machines, mixers, mixer-stirrers, pumps, movement systems and conveyors.
We simply cannot list all the applications involved here, as they are too many in number and often the result of extensive customization.


For more than 60 years, Bonfiglioli’s solutions have been going up and down with thousands of cranes in the world. Overhead, gantry, vessel handling cranes, jib cranes are the main pillars of the logistics ...


Bonfiglioli has developed a series of extremely reliable single screw gearboxes for use with extruders in the plastics industry.
Rigorous control over component dimensions ensures superb functionality.
These gearboxes transmit from 4,650 to 75 ...

Mixers and mixer-stirrers

Bonfiglioli’s planetary gearboxes are specially designed to withstand the high overhung loads involved in this kind of application.
Our parallel shaft and bevel helical gearboxes allow motors to be coupled directly to gearbox flanges ...


Pumps are typically speedy applications that demand basic but efficient gearmotors. Pumps are used in a wide variety of industrial contexts.
Their duty cycles are seldom long, but when they are needed, pumps must be ...

Dosing systems

Many different industries require precise, efficient material dosing systems either for raw materials or for end products.
The food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are typical examples.

Bonfiglioli has developed special intermittent and reversible drive and ...


All areas of industry use conveyors of one kind or another to move materials and products.
Conveyor drive systems do not need particularly high dynamic performance; reliability and ease of inspection and maintenance, on the ...

Feed screws

Feed screws are typically used for the horizontal transport of cereals like barley, wheat and maize or granular products like soya, grain and cocoa.
They function on the same principle as an Archimedes’ screw. Bonfiglioli ...


Turntables are cam-controlled mechanisms that convert the continuous rotary motion of an input shaft into unidirectional, intermittent motion at the output.
Rotary table gearboxes, enclosed in sealed, cast iron casings, can be coupled directly to ...

Lifting systems

Lifting systems are used in virtually all material handling plant as well as in automatic and semi-automatic warehouses to speed up the picking and placing of articles.

Bonfiglioli has developed custom solution in collaboration with ...

Palletising machines

Palletizers are automatic machines for stacking and arranging products (boxes, bottles, packages, bags, bundles, etc.) on pallets.
Whether operated manually or automatically (using dedicated software), these machines can palletize large quantities of material quickly and ...