Vietnam, A school for a better future

In 2001, three Vietnamese teachers opened a school in Ho Chi Minh City to provide free education for the children of poor and underprivileged families.

Bonfiglioli, which has operated in this country for many years, decided to enthusiastically get behind the project, promoting training programmes for teachers, as well as other construction work to improve the school.

Presently the school is attended by 130 children, 92 of whom have lunch on site. This is an important aspect for their growth and to guarantee a healthy diet. The kitchen has been completely rebuilt and, apart from the five full-time teachers who have been taken on, there is also a cook who looks after all the kitchen duties, from buying of food, to its storage and, of course, the preparation of meals.

The students are divided into five classes, and in addition to following the Vietnamese school curriculum, they study both English and plastic arts, activities which will help them to develop healthy creativity and, at the same time, have a therapeutic effect to help these children manage their difficult living conditions and challenging family dynamics.

On different occasions throughout the year, extracurricular activities and trips are organised for the children to visit the KizCiti amusement park, where they learn new skills, and the water park, where they learn about marine biodiversity.

In recent years, the school has developed a collaboration programme with universities, whereby  volunteer students help in teaching activities.

Other interesting initiatives are periodic visits by a psychologist in order to help the children find greater

serenity and develop communication capabilities, and the collaboration of a veterinarian who teaches them how to treat animals correctly.


Vietnam, Pho Cap School