Bonfiglioli social projects

Social responsibility

The Bonfiglioli Group has always been aware that leadership cannot exist without the ability to take responsibility for the social context in which we operate. That's why wherever there are Bonfiglioli premises, there are also solutions to the needs of the community, intended to promote cultural and social growth.

Our Group's founder, Clementino Bonfiglioli, placed great faith in the regenerative power and the proactive energy that young people can bring to the workplace.
That is why, still today, we strive to offer professional opportunities to deserving students and young people, with the aim of making a tangible contribution to the construction of a future that will sow the seeds of progress and success.

The spirit of philanthropy continues in North America, where Bonfiglioli supports social causes that help children or the needy, and in events and fundraising for organizations in which employees are directly affected or involved.  Some past support includes donations and participation in the HealthPoint Hopebox Derby for the Homeless, Buddy Walk for the Down’s Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati, Cincinnati Takes Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis Walk and fundraising for the American Cancer Society, among others.