Bonfiglioli and university

Italy, Supporting excellence in education

Bonfiglioli supports excellence, innovation and research, in the certainty that only through these values can Italian industry secure a prosperous future.
Bonfiglioli is therefore eager to support excellence and innovation in Italy through education and training schemes designed to create a better, more sustainable and more secure future for young people.

Bonfiglioli achieves this vision by providing student grants and graduate prizes, by supporting excellent technical and professional schools, and by promoting on the job training too.

Clementino Bonfiglioli Prize, Leonardo Committee

Bonfiglioli has been supporting, promoting and financing a prize for graduation theses since 2011. Named after our company’s founder, this prize is awarded to young people who demonstrate excellence in their studies, and who complete a degree thesis relevant to the fields of industrial automation, power transmission and control or innovative mechatronics.

Rewarding merit, offering opportunities for employment and funding grants are practical ways of helping capable young people. They are also excellent ways to contribute to global prosperity and enterprise. 


“Digitalizzazione di sistemi in ambito industriale”

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2017 winner
Luca Monticelli

2016 winner
Gianni Caifa

2015 winner
Giovanni Mottola

2014 winner 
Riccardo Traversari

2013 winner 
Tomas Pradella

2012 winners 
Daniele Barbieri, Matteo Zani

Aldini-Valeriani. A bridge between school and life

The Aldini-Valeriani professional institute, which celebrated its centenary in 2012, sets excellent standards for the education of industrial technicians in the Bologna area. Our group’s founder, Clementino Bonfiglioli, was educated there himself.
Bonfiglioli supports this school in a number of ways.
The following contributions are listed by way of example.
- Bonfiglioli’s own production and process engineering managers deliver seminars to final-year students anxious to enter the world of work. These seminars have been held for over 5 years now, and have always involved top professionals from the world of mechanical engineering. The seminars have helped students understand the needs and logic of industrial production, and therefore to find employment more easily.
- Bonfiglioli supports the donation of one or more prizes to deserving students nominated by the school during its two-yearly NOA events (which celebrate ex-students who qualified 25 and 50 years ago). During the 2009 NOA event, in an emotional ceremony, honorary member Clementino Bonfiglioli was awarded the prize for fifty years of work as an industrial technician.