Clementino Bonfiglioli

Clementino Bonfiglioli

Clementino Bonfiglioli was born in Bologna in 1928. His mother died soon afterwards and he was raised from birth by his grandparents.
His father emigrated, to return only 10 years later. Unfortunately he was killed in the war and Clementino was left alone. He dedicated himself to the study of engineering and graduated from the “Aldini Valeriani” Technical Institute.

He began work as a designer and tester in leading gearbox companies in Bologna where he very soon came to appreciate how much growth that sector would soon enjoy as the result of developments in industrial automation in the Bologna area. 

He therefore decided to strike out and set up on his own, and formed "COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE BONFIGLIOLI" in 1956.
Experience and intuition led Clementino to design and patent new gearboxes, including a 2-stage planetary gearbox, that were to become key products for the next 15 years, establishing and consolidating the success of BONFIGLIOLI RIDUTTORI.

From that point onwards the history of Bonfiglioli has been that of a company that has always been able to read the signs of the times. Company acquisitions, research and the development of new products, the combination of mechanics with electronics, and internationalisation have all contributed to the growth of the Group, guided by the intuition and intelligence of Clementino Bonfiglioli.

Today Bonfiglioli is present in 15 countries worldwide and has exclusive distributors in more than 80 countries. It has two large plants in India and Vietnam, and is world leader in the wind energy market with a share of more than 35%. 

This has all been possible thanks to a dream which became reality through an iron will, the ability to inspire enthusiasm in his staff and encourage them to achieve more and more, and through confidence in his own success – qualities that make Clementino Bonfiglioli a model for new generations of entrepreneurs.