Business expansion of Bonfiglioli

Business expansion

In the 1980s, the Bonfiglioli Group began to expand outside of Italy.
Our new markets have been, and are now even more so, stimuli for us to increase our corporate design capacity, and to adapt to the growing and diversified expectations of an ever more varied range of industries.
For us, the concept of internationalization has found expression through the creation of new know-how, new professionalism and new business frontiers, revolutionizing how the Bonfiglioli Group thinks and acts.
Over the years, our initial drive for internationalization has led to the development of a consolidated distribution network, firstly in Spain, France, the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Germany, and later in the USA, Brazil, Turkey and China.

Bonfiglioli India was formed in 1999 and, thanks to its modern production plant in Chennai, has become a true bridgehead for expansion throughout Asia.
Emerging markets in rapidly developing economies have also pushed the Bonfiglioli Group to expand its presence in South East Asia.
2009 saw the inauguration of a new plant for the production of electric motors in Vietnam, and in 2012 we opened a branch in Singapore.
The expansion of our markets and product ranges has been aided and complemented by Mosaico, our innovative e-commerce system, which has gained international recognition for its structure and ease of use.