Bonfiglioli processes and production


Market dynamics and continually evolving competitive contexts require change not only in terms of the solutions and products we develop, but also in terms of business process reengineering. 
Our processes must achieve extremely high quality standards and advanced performance levels to respond to new and changeable market factors and to meet the diverse needs of our customers.
To optimize the operations of each business unit and provide prompt and satisfactory solutions, the Bonfiglioli Group has implemented a range of specific corporate processes:

Lean production
Over recent years, Bonfiglioli has put in place a series of activities inspired by a production approach and philosophy that looks to reduce waste in order to achieve an optimum balance between flexibility, competitiveness, efficiency and reduced costs.

Customer to Customer
The Group has reorganized its entire supply chain in order to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers, ensuring reliability and mutual trust.

Product development

Bonfiglioli's R&D departments are managed according to a highly technological and innovative system for the design and development of new products.

Customer Care
Bonfiglioli ensures prompt support and timely responses during all pre-sales and after-sales phases, to satisfy customers and ensure maximum reliability.